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Re: Helo for defun/macro arguments list in minibuffer when in org-babel

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: Helo for defun/macro arguments list in minibuffer when in org-babel src blocks?
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 10:05:05 +1000
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when you are editing source blocks are you using org-edit-special, normally bound to C-c ') or are you just editing the source blocks directly within the
org buffer?

The functionality you are referring to sounds like eldoc minor mode.

If you open a dedicated buffer to edit a file in the same language as your source blocks, do you see the behaviour you want. For example, open a file called test.el and edit some Emacs lisp. If you don't see the behaviour your after, you need to configure emacs-lisp-mode to load eldoc mode. Try typing M-x eldoc-mode <ret> and see if you then get the behaviour your after. If you do,
then read up on eldoc-mode and how to enable it.

The environment you get with a dedicated buffer and that you get with org-edit-special should be roughly the same. So the trick is to get things working how you like them using a dedicated *.el buffer and then use org-edit-special whenever you need to edit source blocks. There is also another good reason to use org-edit-special - there are some situations where org needs to add some special escaping characters in source blocks to enable things to be parsed correctly. Using org-edit-special ensures this occurs when necessary.
Editing the source blocks directly does not.

Arthur Miller <arthur.miller@live.com> writes:

I have been doing quite some programming with elisp in org mode, and one thing I am missing is this help that Emacs shows in minibuffer for functions and macros. You can see the example in the attached image. I am not sure what I have to enable (or disable? :)) to get it to work in
babel src blocks? Or is it even possible?

Some few days ago I stumbled on a blog post by J. Kitchin about enabling
orignal mode maps in src block:


That was another thing I was missing, and that one work really well.
Thank yuu John!

Can that hack be used to enable this help to pup up in minibuffer as well. I am not familiar what causes that lookup, but I see it happends even when Emacs is started with -Q option, so it is something built-in
and enabled by default, probably in elisp-mode itself.

Last thing I miss is company doing it's thing. I can complete by
pressing TAB, but I would still like it to happen automatically. Is it
just me being noob and not enabling something, or is it bit more
coplicated than so?

Sorry for the long writing, but basically what I ask is, can we get more
of usualy elisp stuff hanpening in babel src blocks?



*Tim Cross*

/For gor sake stop laughing, this is serious!/

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