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Re: org-cite citation commands

From: Vikas Rawal
Subject: Re: org-cite citation commands
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021 19:46:05 +0530

Thanks, Bruce and John. Indeed, I used biblatex with natbib=true
option, which gives me citet and citep in biblatex. But using
\autocite and \textcite is perfect.

I am noticing a few other issues at this stage.

I have a large biblatex database, and loading it using C-c C-x @ to
insert citations seems very slow (have not managed to load it thus
far). Org-ref used to be much faster in this. org-cite works fine with
a smaller biblatex database. I don't know if others have had the same

I understand that oc-biblatex.el loads biblatex in the background,
produces the citations and the bibliography, and inserts them in the
exported output. In that case, what are the possibilities of using
biblatex commands to configure the output? I realise that these will
not work since most of it would be LaTeX specific. Does that mean the
users will have to work with CSL styles to format the output even if
they are using oc-biblatex.el? I am still somewhat confused about how
this is going to work.

I notice that there is an option org-cite-biblatex-options which can
be customized to load biblatex with specific options. I have not yet
managed to test it. If somebody has already played around with it, it
would be useful to know what they could manage to do.

In my experience, biblatex and bibtex uniformly process the author
names whether they are written in the database file as "John Kitchin"
or "Kitchin, John". This does not seem to work with oc-biblatex.el at
least out of the box and the two are formatted differently.

Thanks again,


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