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Re: breakpoint in debugging org-table formulas

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: breakpoint in debugging org-table formulas
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 16:21:00 -0400
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Uwe Brauer <oub@mat.ucm.es> writes:

> Hi 
> I just started to use the formula debugger
> (org-table-toggle-formula-debugger) which is quite nice.
> However for large tables with a lot of rows it would be more
> convenient to use breakpoints and not start just in the first row.
> I can't find any reference for that. 
> It is not implemented?
I've often wished for the same, but I don't think it's implemented.


"There are only two hard problems in computer science: cache
invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors." -Martin Fowler

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