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Re: [wip-cite-new] Merging tomorrow?

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [wip-cite-new] Merging tomorrow?
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 12:26:50 +0200
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Timothy <tecosaur@gmail.com> writes:

> Bruce D'Arcus <bdarcus@gmail.com> writes:
>>> wip-cite-new deals with citing from bibliographies, but I don't think it
>>> deals with within-document referencing --- should it?
>> 1. Should it?
>> 1. Maybe.
> I feel like it would fit. With everything that's been done for
> citations, this feels like it may be a rather minor addition (or at
> least this is what I hope).
>> 2. Can it? Could the design be extended to include internal referencing?
>> 2. I think so. You'd just need a way to include internal targets in
>> addition to the citation-references (keys); for illustration,
>> something like [cite:#some-if].
> I can't claim to have thought about this that much either, but something
> like [cite:#some-fig] would seem to fit.
>> 3. If yes to both, should that hold back merger now?
>> 3. No.
> I don't think this should hold up the merge either, but it's relevant in
> the overall nature of the feature and perhaps could be shoehorned in
> following the merge? I feel like this is one small quite simple case and
> most of the thinking required has already been done. I'm not sure
> though, I'd go with whatever Nic's thought are on this.

At this point, I don't have enough understanding of the problem to have
an opinion. IIUC, your example does not even mention citations. How
should it be used, what should be the output in LaTeX, and in UTF-8
export? This is not clear to me.

What can I say however is: if this feature implies to change, or extend,
syntax, then it is /de facto/ a blocker for the merge, and needs to be
sorted out.

Nicolas Goaziou

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