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Emacs-orgmode Digest, Vol 185, Issue 7

From: Ypo
Subject: Emacs-orgmode Digest, Vol 185, Issue 7
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2021 21:28:11 +0000 (UTC)


Several things around my mind. Pick one if you like, and I will try to explain 
it better.

- when using ediff, if there is an image near the text which has differences, 
it works wrong. Like if the image wouldn't allow ediff to scroll and show the 
difference. I just see the image, stationary, while jumping to the next 

- I have started to read Chassell's. Introduction... to Emacs Lisp. But my 
ideas grow much much faster than my reading. I even feel I won't be able to 
implement simple ideas in years. Example: I would like that every time "I see" 
a heading with a special TODO state, this heading is expanded. Should I keep 
reading the book to materialize this little idea or should I take different 

- when I export to latex, I get an error and no document is produced. Sorry I 
can't share here the error, since I am writing from the mobile, but it seems 
related to xelatex. Buuut, if I take the .tex produced file and I open it with 
an external latex editor, the document is compiled into a decent PDF. How could 
orgmode generate a valid tex document but not to be able to produce its PDF?

- some more bugs I found, I should share from the PC.

- oh, wait. I have an old PC I don't use much (2008 AD - Core 2 Duo). I was 
thinking about using it just for orgmode. Would you recommend me an OS?

Thanks for being there

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