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[PATCH] Allow tangling to a list of files

From: Jacopo De Simoi
Subject: [PATCH] Allow tangling to a list of files
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 18:54:14 +0000

Dear All,

Please find attached a patch (against master) that adds a feature to the tangle framework. Essentially, the following block would now tangle to two files

#+begin_src sh '("filename1" "filename2")
#my script


- literate config (e.g. .zshrc) of several machines at once (e.g. tangling via tramp).
- literate similar versions of the same script which differ only in small chunks (I use it for a slightly different latexmkrc for my projects on Dropbox)

The patch also streamlines the tangling routines.

Tests have been checked.

I am of course open to discussions and comments. Looking forward to hear from you.
Thanks for your time


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