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Re: [PATCH] make org-notify support for macOS desktop notification

From: Maxim Nikulin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] make org-notify support for macOS desktop notification
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2021 12:48:16 +0700
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On 04/07/2021 07:23, stardiviner wrote:
I found `org-notify` does not support macOS desktop notification. So I write a 
small patch for this.

I am surprised that there is no OS-agnostic function in Emacs that sends simple notification, suitable when no advanced feature are necessary. Only OS-dependent variants are implemented for Linux and Windows.

+                        (format "'display notification \"%s\" with title \"title\"'" 
notification "Org mode message")))

Unsafe substitution of the argument. There is no guarantee that notification has no quote characters. I do not know, which link you would prefer:
- old https://xkcd.com/327/ "Robert'); DROP TABLE"
- recent https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/06/mass-data-wipe-in-my-book-devices-prompts-warning-from-western-digital/ Wipe data from NAS (accordingly to some sources, device can be protected by firewall, it is enough to open in a browser a page with a malicious <img src="..."> element, e.g. in a comment of an earlier visitor)

The preferred way is to pass such parameters as separate arguments of `start-process'. I am not familiar with osascript, I hope, it does not additionally interpret strings passed to "display notification" to do something fancy things. Example with sh:

Current unsafe variant:

   sh -c "`printf 'echo "%s: %s - %s"' 'some-command' '"; echo another action ; echo 
"' 'second arg'
With parameters passed as separate arguments to avoid interpretation of special characters:

   sh -c 'echo "$0: $1 - $2"' 'some-command' '"; echo another action ; echo "' 
'second arg'

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