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Re: using previous =#+results= when =:eval never=

From: Greg Minshall
Subject: Re: using previous =#+results= when =:eval never=
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2021 08:19:23 +0300


thanks.  (i'm not surprised at an e-lisp suggestion from you! :)

i worry about accidental modification of the base case results during
the chaos of development.  it occurs to me (reading through
(org-babel-ref-resolve)) to keep my base case source blocks marked with
[:results silent], which should prevent accidental modification. (*)

then, i would change [:results silent] to, e.g., [:results silentx], in
the base case source blocks whenever i wanted to re-create those

for, e.g., inspecting the results when things differ, it would be nice
to stay in the language of the rest of the code.  but i suspect i'll be
able to do some e-lisp magic on the RHS of a :var, e.g., crudely

: #+begin_src R :var basecaseresults=(org-babel-read-named-result 

i'll play around with it.  (i suspect i'll be motivated to use an e-lisp
macro, to eliminate the quotes, for example.)

again, thanks.

cheers, Greg

(*) this relies on current org-mode behavior, where
(org-babel-read-result) will return results from a result block from a
source block marked [:results silent].  i have no idea how likely this
behavior is to change in the long run.

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