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Re: [PATCH] Customizify org-babel-fortran-compiler

From: Timothy
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Customizify org-babel-fortran-compiler
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2021 22:40:30 +0800
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Hi Nico,

Thanks for sending in the patch. Seeing it pointed out, this seems like
a pretty obvious omission. This looks like it should be pretty easy to
merge :)

Four minor niggles with your commit message:
+ Since `defvar' and `defcustom' are elisp symbols, they should be
  quoted as such.
+ It's probably better to avoid shorthand like "X -> Y", and write out
  "Change X to Y" instead.
+ You have included "lisp/" in the commit subject, which isn't needed.
  Just "ob-fortran.el" or even "ob-fortran" is enough here.
+ Your commit subject goes over 50 chars, which is undesirable.

Here's what I'd recommend:

ob-fortran: Use a defcustom for fortran compiler

* lisp/ob-fortran.el (org-babel-fortran-compiler): Change `defvar' to 
so that the fortran compiler is customizable like almost all other org-babel

This is rather minor though, I mention this mostly as a note for the
future :)


Nico Sonack <nsonack@outlook.com> writes:

> Hey there,
> I've been using org-mode for quite a while already and am pretty
> happy with it!
> Today I noticed a minor oddity, that occured when I tried to run some
> Fortran code with org-babel: it failed with the compiler not being
> found. Looking at the custom variables of the org-babel group, I was
> unable to find a compiler option for Fortran. Thus, I quickly patched
> the ob-fortran.el and turned the defvar of
> `org-babel-fortran-compiler' into a defcustom such that it is a little
> more consistent with the rest of the org-babel languages.
> The patch is attached to this mail. Please let me know if I should
> correct anything.
> Nico

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