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[PATCH] Re: Re: org-forward-heading-same-level and the invisible-ok argu

From: D
Subject: [PATCH] Re: Re: org-forward-heading-same-level and the invisible-ok argument
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 14:27:41 +0200
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> I do not think that setting visibility the leading stars is a correct
> approach to control the movement commands. After second though about the
> issue you raised in the first email, I think that it would make more
> sense for org-forward-heading-same-level to check if any part of the
> heading line is visible to decide if we need to skip it (instead of
> current approach checking only the point at the beginning of the
> headline). Any mode aiming to make org-forward-heading-same-level skip a
> heading will then just need to make the whole heading invisible.
> Skipping partially visible headlines would be a violation of the
> docstring.

Good point!  I think this would be a more or less reasonable patch, then.


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