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Re: keep org drawers visible

From: David Rogers
Subject: Re: keep org drawers visible
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 11:01:15 -0700
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Colin Baxter <m43cap@yandex.com> writes:


Property drawers remaining invisible even when I use <shift>-<TAB> drives me nuts. I know about M-x org-hide-drawer-toggle <RET> but how do I keep the drawers open all the time without having to toggle? I work on the basis that I want to see what I write - if I didn't then I wouldn't
have written it.

It’s also possible, if you want finer control of what’s shown (instead of showing all the properties), to add a 'columnview' block. It would show a formatted table of whichever properties you specify (from certain subtrees or from the entire file), arranged in the order you choose. It’s under “Capturing column view” in the manual. I seem not to keep the types of information that benefit from it, but it’s there.

David Rogers

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