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Re: using completion on header name to insert link

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: using completion on header name to insert link
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020 22:48:28 -0700

thank you.  i think the problem needs specifying better than i specified it.

basically, i use org-refile for refile and goto, and i just want
exactly the same thing for inserting links also.

this is close to that other thread, but i want to emphasize that the
goal is specifically to merely use the org-refile mechanism for
inserting links also.

[i guess the idea is that org-refile is in principle a generic
headline-filtering tool that is currently only used for refiling and
goto.  i want to have it do insert also.  perhaps the headline
filtering can be factored out as a generic tool and used to insert.
not sure.]

[more detail: i have various org-refile variables and a verify
function set to show me headers exactly right.  i use ido-hacks to
make the completion ido-ish, but that's not the relevant part.]

[more detail: org-id is also not the relevant part [except that, as a
bonus feature, inserting a link to a header without an org-id would,
only in this particular case, create an org-id in the target and link
using org-id, regardless of org-id settings].]

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