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Re: [bug] deleting backward char does not do undo-boundary

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: [bug] deleting backward char does not do undo-boundary
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020 21:38:18 -0700

ah, so org did the remap and i tried to remap the remap?

my brain is not working right now, but i think you might be right.  in
either case, your solution works and is straightforward.

thank you.

On 8/21/20, Kyle Meyer <kyle@kyleam.com> wrote:
> Samuel Wales writes:
>> here is my code to try to fix it [note that i fix teh rest of emacs 25
>> also].  but that one command does not accept the undo-boundary that i
>> call.  i do not udnerstand why this is the case.
> Without looking at this too closely, I'd guess it's because ...
>>   (define-key org-mode-map [remap org-delete-backward-char]
>> #'alpha-org-delete-backward-char)
>>   (define-key org-mode-map [remap org-delete-char]
>> #'alpha-org-delete-char)
>>   (defun alpha-org-delete-char () (interactive)
>> (alpha-wrap-with-undo-boundary 'org-delete-char))
>>   (defun alpha-org-delete-backward-char () (interactive)
>> (alpha-wrap-with-undo-boundary 'org-delete-backward-char))
> ... you're trying to remap a command that is itself remapping a command.
>   (info "(elisp)remapping commands")
>     In addition, remapping only works through a single level; in the
>     following example,
>          (define-key my-mode-map [remap kill-line] 'my-kill-line)
>          (define-key my-mode-map [remap my-kill-line] 'my-other-kill-line)
>     ‘kill-line’ is _not_ remapped to ‘my-other-kill-line’.  Instead, if
>     an ordinary key binding specifies ‘kill-line’, it is remapped to
>     ‘my-kill-line’; if an ordinary binding specifies ‘my-kill-line’, it
>     is remapped to ‘my-other-kill-line’.
> Perhaps just bind it directly?
>     (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "DEL") #'alpha-org-delete-backward-char)

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