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Re: [PATCH] org-habit: custom consistency graph placement [9.3.7 (releas

From: No Wayman
Subject: Re: [PATCH] org-habit: custom consistency graph placement [9.3.7 (release_9.3.7-716-g6d5cab @ /home/n/.emacs.d/straight/build/org/)]
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2020 17:44:33 -0400
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No Wayman <iarchivedmywholelife@gmail.com> writes:

It makes this sort of customization very simple

Famous last words. I forgot the agenda relies on text-properties for much of its functionality. I've attached a patch that addresses this and also removes the `save-excursion` around the funcall to the custom insertion function. I've noted in the documentation that if the function is moving point, it is responsible for making sure it ends up on the line before the next habit.

Attachment: 0001-habit-add-custom-option-for-placing-consistency-grap.patch
Description: org-habit-insert-graph-function.0.0.2

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