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[Marco Wahl] Re: [Feature Request] More flexibility in org-speed-command

From: Marco Wahl
Subject: [Marco Wahl] Re: [Feature Request] More flexibility in org-speed-commands customization
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 12:57:26 +0200
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Hi Gustavo,

>>> I don't know if there is a strong reason to hard-code the set of keys
>>> in `org-speed-commands-default'.  But, if there isn't, could you
>>> consider (somehow) exposing the whole set of `org-speed-commands' to
>>> user customization?
>> This sounds like a good idea to me.
>> Do you already have a respective patch?
> thank you for considering this suggestion.  But, no, I haven't tried
> to prepare a patch, because even if I got it working, I wouldn't be
> able to contribute it.  Unfortunately, I cannot sign the papers given
> my current employment contract's terms.  So, for the foreseeable
> future, I'm stuck with this situation, and can only contribute with
> ideas, reports and such.

What a pity about the contribution blocker! But thanks for being clear.

I put this change on my personal todo list. Possibly a public todo list
would be a better place, but that's another story, I guess. 

Best regards,

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