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Re: Strange problem loading org features in Emacs 27.1

From: Axel Kielhorn
Subject: Re: Strange problem loading org features in Emacs 27.1
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2020 08:00:58 +0200

Hello Carlo,

> Am 16.08.2020 um 05:31 schrieb Carlo Tambuatco <oraclmaster@gmail.com>:
> I have org-20200803 package installed in my elpa folder.
> Here’s the message emacs gives me after loading my org-init.el file 
> initializing org mode in 
> emacs 27.1:
> Problems while trying to load feature ‘org-bbdb’
> ...
> Problems while trying to load feature ‘org-rmail’
> The offending line of code in the org-init.el file is:
> ;;;Customize org modules
> (setq org-modules '(org-bbdb
>                      org-gnus
>                      org-habit
>                      org-irc
>                      org-mouse
>                      org-crypt
>                      org-protocol
>                      org-w3m
>                      org-bibtex
>                      org-docview
>                      org-info
>                      org-mhe
>                      org-rmail))
> (eval-after-load 'org
> '(org-load-modules-maybe t))
> I don’t know enough about how org mode is organized to know what is going on 
> here, but I just 
> noticed this happening after upgrading to emacs-27. 
> What do I do about this problem? Emacs isn’t giving me enough information to 
> give me an idea 
> of what is going on here.

These files have been renamed in March 2019.

With Emacs 26 the file from a previous org version supplied with Emacs have 
been used.
Emacs 27.1 has a more recent version of org-mode.

The easiest way to fix this is to rename the files in your org-init.el file.

Of course you can use the customize interface as well.


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