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Re: [PATCH] org-get-cursor-date regexp patch

From: No Wayman
Subject: Re: [PATCH] org-get-cursor-date regexp patch
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 01:58:07 -0400
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Makes sense. IMO it'd be nice to see something along the lines of this
explanation in the commit message itself.

The function name is missing here:

    * lisp/org.el (org-get-cursor-date): ...

To my eyes, the new variable doesn't add any clarity over keeping it

Addressed in attached patch.

Also, I very much like rx and I'm okay if you want to stick with it
here, but in this particular case I find it less readable than


or the stricter


Fair enough. My preference for how the regular expression is notated does not matter so long as it is the correct expression.
I've inlined your second, stricter regular expression.

Attachment: 0001-org.el-org-get-cursor-date-Fix-regular-expression.patch
Description: org-get-cursor-date-regexp-revised

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