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Re: Can you automatically noweb include?

From: Tom Gillespie
Subject: Re: Can you automatically noweb include?
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2020 21:18:30 -0700

I don't see a direct answer to the original question in the thread, so
here is an example of how I do it taken from
You can ctrl-f for racket-graph-helper to see the relevant blocks. A
reduced version is below. Recall that I use
https://github.com/wallyqs/ob-racket. I use this pattern all over the
place in my org blocks. Best,

* Use the code
:cache yes"
#+begin_src racket :lang racket/base :noweb yes
(helper-function "this should work")

: this should work hello world

* Define the helpers
#+name: racket-helper
#+header: :prologue "#lang racket/base"
#+begin_src racket :lang racket/base
(define (helper-function arg)
  (string-append arg " hello world"))

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