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ISSUE: Unable to resolve link (html export)

From: Anthony Carrico
Subject: ISSUE: Unable to resolve link (html export)
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2020 14:24:46 -0400
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* Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a file called test.org:

#+TITLE: test.org

2. Create a file called test2.org:

#+TITLE: test2.org
[[file:test.org::+TITLE: test][test]]

3. Export C-c C-e h H

* Expected result:

An html buffer

* Actual result:

Unable to resolve link: "No match for fuzzy expression: +TITLE: test"

* Additional data

The link was created by going to the first line of test.org and hitting C-c l, then the second line of test2.org and hitting C-c C-l.

* Work around

It seems like changing the link to:

[[file:test.org::#+TITLE: test][test]]

allows the export to succeed. On the other hand, the original link works fine internally. This leads me to suspect that export is using different code to follow links, but also that the insert link code is buggy, skipping the pound symbol.

Anthony Carrico

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