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Re: Website revamp?

From: TEC
Subject: Re: Website revamp?
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 15:53:36 +0800
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Colin Baxter <m43cap@yandex.com> writes:
It seems to have the usual vertical monotone blocks, commonly seen in mobile sites. These may be necessary for the small screen but represent to me a retrograde development in web-site design.

Ah yes, the big banner on the index page. I think I can see your point of view --- the current index is far more informative. Ultimately though the decision to use a banner wasn't just triggered by mobile considerations, but a little re-think about the structure and purpose of the website.

As I see it, the desirable purpose of the 'main' pages is roughly as follows: - index :: attention grabber - features :: capture interest, entice to try - releases :: see what's changed recently - install :: how to get started - documentation :: dig into the details - contribute :: encourage to give back to the project With those goals in mind, I see a large banner on the index declaring (effectively) that "org is great" as being in line with the above UX.

Of course, my criticism is unimportant since you are doing the hard work - not me.

Quite the contrary! If there's anything I want more of with this effort (appart from general help) it's criticism/feedback. As you've pointed out it's (effectively) just me working on this: so hearing other people's thoughts is emminently desirable.
Would it be possible to have two sites: one for display on a desktop and another for mobile use? Perhaps not.

Effectively, yes. You could have CSS as follows:

#+BEGIN_SRC css @media(min-width:851px) { /* desktop style */ } @media(max-width:850px) { /* mobile style */ } #+END_SRC

Good luck.

Thanks :) I hope this can receive Bastien/Carsten's blessing and be used for the main site sooner rather than later.

All the best,


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