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Re: Website revamp?

From: TEC
Subject: Re: Website revamp?
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 13:11:24 +0800
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Colin Baxter <m43cap@yandex.com> writes:

>> TEC  <tecosaur@gmail.com> writes:
>> - The site is now more mobile friendly, the navbar now has a
> Why? How many users are installing org-mode on their 'phones - smart or
> otherwise? 

Zero, I expect :P

However, I don't think that's the question we should be asking.
Consider someone tweeting about org-mode, the question then is:
  how many people use twitter on their phones?

Likewise, if someone wants to share a org-mode with a friend, and sends them a
link - whether it be by email, sms, whatsapp, messenger, or telegram: what's the
chance that they'll take a peek oh their phones?

Of course we don't exactly have any hard answers to these questions, but I'd
wager the answer is enough to warrant a little bit of effort to make the mobile
experience not-garbage. To see how orgmode.org currently appears, see

IMO that's downright off-putting --- and I say that intending no criticism to
Carsten or Bastien, in 2012 mobile design simple wasn't a priority.

Moreover, we can improve the mobile experience with no compromise to the desktop
--- so why wouldn't we? :D

I hope this fleshes out my motivation for improving the mobile experience :)


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