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Re: Bug: org-mime-htmlize generates unwanted equations numbers in mail [

From: Thibault Marin
Subject: Re: Bug: org-mime-htmlize generates unwanted equations numbers in mail [9.2.5 (release_9.2.5-521-gdea0c7 @ /home/oub/emacs/site-lisp/packages/org/)]
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2019 13:08:11 -0500
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Dear maintainers,

Following-up on this bug report regarding the handling of unnumbered
equation environments in HTML export, I would like to propose the
attached patch.  The patch simply removes the caption for unnumbered

Could you please let me know whether this could be considered for a
merge and if there any comments or suggestions to improve it?

Thanks in advance.


On 2019-11-02T05:38:04-0400, Uwe Brauer wrote:

  >>> "TM" == Thibault Marin <address@hidden> writes:

     > Hi,

     > I think I wrote some of that code, I was not trying to support
     > "unnumbered" environments.  If I understand correctly, this is what you
     > are trying to get.

     > The attached patch attempts to solve this.  Currently, `displaymath' and
     > `*' environments do not get numbers, I am not sure if there are other
     > environments that should not get numbers; please let me know if you have
     > others in mind.

  Thanks very much, I pulled the latest master, applied your patch,
  compiled and installed, and everything works *now* as expected.

  The only environments without numbers which I use regularly are.
   align* and sometimes eqnarray*

  but these are all covered
     > If you (and others) could test and/or review the patch, we could
     > probably get it merged at some point.

  That would be great, thanks again

  @Eric, I wonder why you did not get these numbers without the patch!


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