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PATCH: Re: Recurring TODO with hours not scheduled correctly

From: Justin Vallon
Subject: PATCH: Re: Recurring TODO with hours not scheduled correctly
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 11:00:16 -0500
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On 12/3/19 1:03 AM, Justin Vallon wrote:
> Newbie org-mode user.  Wondering about some odd recurrence behavior.
> My understanding of .+TERM is that the new scheduled time should be now
> + term.  However, from this instance and testing with other terms, it
> seems to be "current date + scheduled-time" + HOURS.  Completing again
> advances the time by one hour, leaving the date as today.
> For ".+2d", the new scheduled date/time is 2d away (at the same time),
> and re-completing does not change the new schedule time.

Following up with a patch to make .+1h work "like" .+1d:

- When computing the new scheduled date, the repeater-type "." would
shift the scheduled date to today, then adjust by the interval.
Shifting the date would leave the time unchanged
- When shifting by hours, the old time would remain, and then be shifted
by the interval
- With the patch, ".+1h" will shift schedule-date to now (vs today),
then add "1h" as before.  ".+1d" will have the old behavior (shift date,
but leave time alone).
- That is:
  - ".+1d" is tomorrow at same scheduled time
  - ".+1h" is in one hour
  - ".+24h" is 24h from now.

I would argue that the old behavior is broken (".+1h" advances the
schedule time by an hour), so retaining the old behavior is not useful
(ie: no option is required).


- org-timestamp-change: Add a 'now tag to set the current time to now
- org-auto-repeat-maybe: if interval is '.+Nh', relative time is "now"
(instead of today)

"now" might be usable when the interval is days, but I am not sure about
the difference between (org-today) and (current-time) (ie: they seem
different), so the patch only applies for intervals of hours.

Patch is relative to org 9.3.


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