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Re: android phone computer and orgmode

From: Alex Roper
Subject: Re: android phone computer and orgmode
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 07:09:40 -0800
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One thing I forgot to mention in the previous thread (apologies if it
was already mentioned, I didn't see it) is you could try git-annex. The
android version does rely on termux as its runtime, but interacting with
it is through a local web server, so if use of termux for initial setup
is an option for you, it should be usable ongoing without having to
interact with termux directly through the console.

I haven't personally used it, but I was researching it for a personal
project (different goal) at one point. git-annex itself is an extension
that allows for large files to be versioned with git while not
necessarily physically present on a device and is very general, but git
annex assistant is implemented on top of it and acts as a decentralized
sync client.

If you're happy with Dropbox I'm not sure it would add anything for you,
but i meant to mention it alongside Syncthing earlier.

I look forward to hearing more about what you decide on. Personally I'm
very, very excited that orgzly is getting native git support.


On 12/3/19 2:03 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> Since I use a command line on the computer I got orgsly and dropbox
> working on the phone.
> If I can get rclone working on the computer with dropbox I'll have
> synchronizing capability.
> Other applications on archlinux and slint either don't work or aren't
> accessible for screen reader users like me.
> More later when I figure it out.
> --

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