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Removing horizontal space in latex fragments

From: Matt Huszagh
Subject: Removing horizontal space in latex fragments
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2019 11:03:01 -0800

I've modified the behavior of `org-create-formula-image' so that `\definecolor' etc do not create unnecessary whitespace in the output PDF. Here's the relevant change:

        ;; remove tex \par at end of line
        (if (string= (substring string -1 nil) "\n")
            (aset string (- (length string) 1) ?%)
          (setq string (concat string "%")))
        (with-temp-file texfile
          (insert latex-header)
          (insert "\n\\begin{document}\n"
         "\\definecolor{fg}{rgb}{" fg "}%\n"
         "\\definecolor{bg}{rgb}{" bg "}%\n"

This is useful if you (like me) have replaced the default document class with standalone and are using dvisvgm. The change removes leading left and right space, which is especially useful when using inline math mixed with normal text. It shouldn't make a difference if using Imagemagick's convert as a backend since that can get rid of whitespace boundaries.

Is anyone else interested in this modification? Should I submit it as a patch?


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