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Re: [O] BUG - ox-latex - bib expansion bug and documentation error

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: [O] BUG - ox-latex - bib expansion bug and documentation error
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 00:07:48 -0400

Hi Guilherme,

Guilherme Passos <address@hidden> writes:

> In ox-latex.el, line 1189, org-latex-pdf-process uses '(%bib %b) for
> expanding the bibliography. However, this incorrectly expands as
> '(BIBFILEib BIBFILE), instead of '(BIBPROCESS BIBFILE) as intended,
> defining the process of calling the bibliography.
> As can be seen in line 3635, the correct command for the bibprocess is
> %B, not %bib.  The documentation is also wrong in lines 1137 and 1160
> for saying that %bib is the correct command.

I don't use ox-latex.el and may be missing something, but looking at the
code I think %bib, as described by the docstring of
org-latex-pdf-process, is intended.

When %bib was added in 74da3bc10 (ox-latex: Support arbitrary
bibtex-like program, 2015-07-08), it appears that it was working as
documented.  But with the switch to using format-spec internally in
f6187deca (ox-latex: Small refactor, 2015-09-13), the field was changed
from %bib to %bibtex.  Based on the commit message, I don't think that
was intentional.

> The only thing necessary is to replace %bib with %B in those lines.

Given the situation I described above, I think the options are

  * change %bib to %B (your suggestion) and remove the "bib" part from
    the regexp in org-latex-compile because keeping it around would be

  * update the documentation and type in org-latex-pdf-process to use

  * update the regexp in org-latex-compile to match "bib", not "bibtex"

The last one seems preferable to me, assuming the change from %bib to
%bibtex was an oversight.  What do you think?

> Should I send a patch?

Yes, please.


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