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Re: [O] Show weekday in daily agenda view

From: Heinz Tuechler
Subject: Re: [O] Show weekday in daily agenda view
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 11:40:14 +0100
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Dear Johanna,

for me
(setq calendar-day-name-array ["Sonntag" "Montag" "Dienstag" "Mittwoch"
                               "Donnerstag" "Freitag" "Samstag"]
      calendar-month-name-array ["Januar" "Februar" "Maerz" "April" "Mai"
                                 "Juni" "Juli" "August" "September"
                                 "Oktober" "November" "Dezember"])
in .emacs results in German names.

best regards,


Prof. Dr. Johanna May wrote/hat geschrieben on/am 15.05.2019 07:42:
Hi Richard,
thanks for pointing me at the variable org-agenda-format-date. There
was  a line in my dotemacs that included a formatting without the
weekday (something like %y-%w-%d). I could not figure out how the
name-of-the-weekday format would be called. But for now I'm fine with
returning to the default which gives me an English date including the

Cheers, J

Richard Lawrence writes:

Hi Johanna,

address@hidden writes:

maybe I did not search the right way in google alias startpage. But I
could not figure out how to write next to the date e.g. 2000-04-01 the
weekday, i.e. the specific day of the week. It would come very handy to
have the date displayed as 2019-05-14 Tu and 2019-05-15 We and so on. Or
even have it spelled out as 2019-05-14 Tuesday.

Probably there is a way of setting this. How does it work?

Hmm.  My daily agenda (the default one) starts like this:

Day-agenda (W20):
Tuesday    14 May 2019

and tasks, etc. are listed below that.  I don't think I've ever
customized this.  Are you seeing something different?  Or maybe you mean
something else by "agenda"?

If you're talking about Org's built-in agenda, you might want to take a
look at the `org-agenda-format-date' variable.  Mine is set to the
org-agenda-format-date-aligned function, which I assume is what outputs
the example above.

If you're just talking about timestamps in Org files, you might want to
look at the `org-time-stamp-custom-formats' and
`org-display-custom-times' variables.

Hope that helps!

Heinz Tüchler +436605653878

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