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[O] Suggestion for note capture

From: Nathan Neff
Subject: [O] Suggestion for note capture
Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 14:00:53 -0500

Hello all,

Long time org user and I would like to hear how other
people accomplish the capturing of log entries in the context
of a currently clocked task.


I am clocked into * Task A.  I have something about Task A
that I want to log.  Let's say "Ran into some problem and wasted
30 minutes".

I do not want to simply capture this to an "inbox" for later refiling.  I don't
really want to capture it to a Journal file, either - I know exactly where the
note should be (it should IMHO be under the currently clocked item in
a subheading "* Log" or in the LOGBOOK drawer of the currently clocked item)

- I know there's a capture template (clock) and item to capture a list item to the currently clocked 
- I know there's C-c C-z to capture to the LOGBOOK drawer of the heading that
my cursor is on.
- I know there's a way to jump to the currently clocked item, so I could jump to the
currently clocked item, press C-c C-z and then try to use C-c & to jump back - however
I can't get C-c & to jump back.  
- This request also seems like it should be possible using a capture template, but I can't
figure out how.

- I would like to combine the two destinations and capture an item with an inactive
timestamp to the LOGBOOK entry of the currently clocked item

- Optimally, I would like the text of the log entry to show up in the agenda (but that's
a tall order, and I'm okay with seeing the headline which the LOGBOOK entry resides

- Can I capture to a subheading of the currently clocked item?  I've tried this using (clock) and
headline in the capture template, but the capture template keeps adding new "* Log" subheadings.

Any suggestions?  Or, is this request something that should / could be done a 
different logical way?


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