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Re: [O] manual: stale bindings for org-clock-report and org-columns-inse

From: Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Subject: Re: [O] manual: stale bindings for org-clock-report and org-columns-insert-dblock
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 18:40:38 +0300
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Thanks, everything's fine now. Sorry for late reply.

Icicles is doing it wrong. Packages are supposed to provide only
prefixed functions, since there is no namespace in Emacs.
As far as I could grasp, those are shorthand alias functions created for easier access. Luckily that behavior can be disabled by a variable. And they're probably enabled by default because nobody complained yet.

So, you are doing a mixed installation on purpose. No wonder you have
troubles. Don't reload a different installation on top of a loaded one.
Yes, wishful thinking on my part. Been doing that for ages and the reason I didn't ran into many issues is that I was usually reloading versions that are pretty close, while bisecting for bugs. In my defense I assumed that org-reload does some powerful unload magic. And it's definitely a kind of magic that I would be scared to even look at, so it never crossed my mind to look into it's sources.;-)

Best Regards,
Nikolay Kudryavtsev

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