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Re: [O] best ways to generate simple diagrams?

From: Fraga, Eric
Subject: Re: [O] best ways to generate simple diagrams?
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 11:25:52 +0000

On Monday,  6 May 2019 at 14:17, Matt Price wrote:
> So, I'm finding more and more that I want to include simple diagrams in my
> course materials. At present I am generating them as svg's using Inkscape,
> but that feels really tiresome to me. I would much rather make them
> programmatically, preferably including the source code as an org-mode block.

You have had recommendations for graphviz (dot etc.) and plantuml
already.  Those are very good suggestions and I use them all the
time.  For more general drawings, and given that you want something
programmatic, I would also suggest tikz (in LaTeX) as it's very powerful
(but then harder to do some simple things that graphiz/plantuml will do
very easily).

#+begin_export latex
\begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=4cm,minimum size=2cm]
  \node[draw,fill=blue!20!white] (humanities) {Humanities};
  \node[draw,fill=blue!20!white] (tools) [right of=humanities] 
{\parbox{3cm}{Computing \\ Tools and \\ Methodologies}}
  edge [->,out=270,in=270,very thick,red] (humanities)
  edge [<-,out=90,in=90,very thick,red] (humanities);

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