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Re: [O] Symbol's function definition is void: org-export-dispatch

From: Joseph Vidal-Rosset
Subject: Re: [O] Symbol's function definition is void: org-export-dispatch
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 16:02:15 +0200

Thanks Nick. You reply helps. 
I'm using the org-mode development version and emacs-24 in Ubuntu. 
I am not with my computer at the moment, but I will check my installation tonight, and I will tell you if it works after a clean install. 

Many thanks for your help. 

Best wishes,


2013/9/29 Nick Dokos <address@hidden>
Joseph Vidal-Rosset <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> For the first time I've tried to export into a .tex file an draft .org. 
> But C-c C-e  produces an error message in my emacs :
> symbol's function definition is void: org-export-dispatch
> I've tried to read the manual, read the discussion about this point via google, and I am lost. 
> Can I find some help? I am a beginner... 

org-export-dispatch is the top-level function used by the exporter in
version 8.x of org-mode: it does not exist in earlier versions. It
should just work if you have installed org-mode correctly, so the fact
that it doesn't indicates that there is probably an installation
problem. So the main questions are:

o What version of emacs are you running and what version of org-mode?

  M-x emacs-version


  M-x org-version

will tell you that.

o The source of your org-mode installation: are you using the org-mode
that came with your emacs, or did you download a different version? If
the latter, did you use a tarball, did you clone the git repo, did you
download from ELPA, or perhaps something else?

Answers to these questions should help to determine your next course of

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