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[O] SCHEDULED property behavior not compatible with habits? Confused: Ho

From: Iannis Zannos
Subject: [O] SCHEDULED property behavior not compatible with habits? Confused: How to make this work? #orgmode
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 02:21:55 +0300


having tried out the "habits" module after studying the manual on TODOs and scheduling, I cannot make habits work. Reason: 

When I set the :SCHEDULED: property of a node with a repetition interval such as: <2013-09-27 Fri .+1d>, then changing the TODO status from TODO to DONE will 
  1. change the status back to TODO (so that the item stays scheduled for a next time)
  2. change the date of SCHEDULED to one day after the date of completion of the task
This is consistent with the description in the manual at 8.3.2 Repeated tasks, and makes sense. However, it interferes with habits, because it changes the date from which the tracking of the habit repetition of the task is being tracked. This means that this node disappears from the habit display in the agenda. Also, it undoes the configured logging mechanism (for example, note+timestamp for DONE state. 

Am I overseeing something? Surely it must be my mistake. I saw habits at work in the chat of Sacha Chua with Bastien Guerry (http://sachachua.com/blog/2013/07/emacs-chat-sacha-chua-with-bastien-guerry/) and was quite impressed. But I could not repeat the same results as I saw on Sacha's screen. 


Iannis Zannos

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