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Re: [O] build errors on os x

From: Rick Frankel
Subject: Re: [O] build errors on os x
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 10:38:56 -0400
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On 2013-09-25 20:44, Skip Collins wrote:
The problem persists. Can anyone else confirm? Perhaps this should be
added to the bug tracker file. For the record, my local.mk file is:

FWIW, on solaris i get the following on th latest master branch, commit ec28c33062b3468abc2fa2458118df11165b096d:

Ran 453 tests, 443 results as expected, 10 unexpected (2013-09-26 10:36:04-0400)
6 expected failures

10 unexpected results:
FAILED  ob-exp/use-case-of-reading-entry-properties
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-code
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-default
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-html
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-latex
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-list
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-org
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-pp
FAILED  test-ob/org-babel-remove-result--results-wrap
FAILED  test-ob/specific-colnames

So, this is not a mac specific problem.


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