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Re: [O] Rackspace is sponsoring orgmode.org hosting

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: [O] Rackspace is sponsoring orgmode.org hosting
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 11:00:45 +0200

Dnia 2013-09-25, o godz. 16:49:20
Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> napisaƂ(a):

> Hi everyone,
> I guess it is appropriate to give a little shout-out to rackspace.com
> here, because a few month back they have decided to sponsor the
> webhosting for orgmode.org.  Jason Dunsmore set us up with a
> rackspace account a few years ago (2010 IIRC) and has done a great
> service to our community by running the server for us and giving us
> many additional capabilities beyond what we used to have.
> Orgmode.org is hosting its own git repositories which we all use to
> get our updates and to push patches.  It also runs the orgmode.org
> website and the worg pages, which are automatically created from the
> basic Org files whenever we push a change.  I don't know if any of
> you has ever experience downtime of orgmode.org in the last few year
> - I do not.
> Over all these years Jason has put up with the hosting costs.  Now
> Rackspace is stepping in, letting us do all of this for free, and
> without any ads we would have to display (except this one, maybe :)
> )  The server works great, just a virtual Linux machine where we
> (Jason, Bastien and myself) can log in and do all the configuration
> we want.   A few minutes ago I tried creating a new VM, then resizing
> it, a lot of fun.  As far as I know, we have a carte blanche from
> Rackspace, so if we can think of an additional interesting service we
> want to provide, we could.  Let me know if you come up with an idea.
> Kodos to Jason for all his (continuing!) great work, and Kodos for
> Rackspace for the sponsorship!
> - Carsten

Great, thanks to them!

What about a feed aggregator, bringing together org-related posts from
various blogs?  Something similar to http://texample.net/community/ in
TeX world.


Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University

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