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Re: [O] using gnuplot's "splot" and "every" commands on org-mode table d

From: Paul Stansell
Subject: Re: [O] using gnuplot's "splot" and "every" commands on org-mode table data
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 21:01:14 +0100

> I agree that it is easier and more clear to include "set datafile
> missing..." in the body of a gnuplot code block.  I *do* think that the
> :missing header argument has value specifically as a way to replace
> missing values in the original table data.
> I've changed the behavior of the :missing header argument so that it
> *only* replaces missing values in table data and does not add a "set
> datafile missing..." line to the code block.

If I understand you correctly I think that sounds like a good
solution.  As I understand it, your recent changes mean that if the
:missing header is not used the table data will be exported "as is",
ie, with no changes, replacements or additions to any of the
characters in the table cells; however, if the ':missing "?"' header
is used any empty table cells will be exported as ? (with no quotes)
and one needs to explicitly add

  set datafile missing "?"

to the code block.  In fact, it's not actually necessary to add this
line to the code block as gnuplot will treat the non-parsible "?"
string as missing data without the line.



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