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[O] org-indent-mode tabs bugs

From: Rebel Neurofog
Subject: [O] org-indent-mode tabs bugs
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 19:19:41 +0400


There are 2 things working not as promised after calling 'org-indent-mode':

1. Tabs aren't treated correctly.
For example a tab with indentation of 6 spaces counts from the beginning
so it gives 2 spaces from indentation border.
"\tABC" should turn into "XXXXXX        ABC"
while it actually turns into "XXXXXX  ABC"

2. *'s are NOT hidden as supposed to be.
Instead *'s are simply not highlighted.
So I've got something like this:
(*) Alpha
**(*) Betta
****(*) Gamma
where (*) is for highlighted asterisk, * is plain-text asterisk.
According to "Clean view" description I of course expected to see the following:
(*) Alpha
  (*) Betta
    (*) Gamma
The described behavior is related to Emacs in Unicode RXVT terminal ('emacs -nw').
In X11 Emacs (not xemacs) asterisks are hidden unless cursor right on the hiding asterisk.
In Linux terminal (/dev/tty1-6) things look fine except than cursor becomes invisible on hiding asterisks (what else should happen on tty when foreground and background colors match?).
So I guess face-based hiding don't work well or at least should be improved for X11, X11 terminal mode and Linux terminal mode.

My Org version is latest stable one: 8.2
It would be great to switch to cleaner view although

P. S. I'm also having strange issues in that Faces written (in my Emacs module) for specific terminal don't work properly in X11. So I guess faces should at least be tested in 3 systems.

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