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[O] Pattern of global/file/headings variables/settings

From: Karl Voit
Subject: [O] Pattern of global/file/headings variables/settings
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 14:56:27 +0200
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I wonder how Org-mode turned out as it is with regard to settings
that could be done in .emacs (user), as file-local ones (file), or
with properties (heading).

As an example:

[1] mentions:
     #+startup: beamer
     #+LaTeX_CLASS: beamer
     #+LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [bigger]

using full-text search in [2]. However, I was not able to locate any
property which relates to #+BEAMER_FRAME_LEVEL, e.g.

So: what is the pattern here? Which setting goes to setq (user),
#+FOO (file), :PROPERTY: (heading)?

I assume that every additional possibility (of the three) relates to
manual effort to be implemented. Right?

If not: why can't there be a general pattern where a user can assume
that #+foo (file) can be applied as :FOO: (heading) as well?

Background: I do not want to create a whole new Org-mode file for
just one single beamer presentation. I love it when I can keep *all*
relevant data within its project heading, wherever that might be
located in my (few) Org-mode files. Thus, as a sub-heading of
business.org > projects > customerA > reports > final-report I want
to add my beamer presentation data as well.

Thanks for clarifying!

  1. http://orgmode.org/worg/exporters/beamer/tutorial.html
  2. http://orgmode.org/org.html
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