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Re: [O] Org mode issue tracker

From: Suvayu Ali
Subject: Re: [O] Org mode issue tracker
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 10:04:03 +0200
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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 09:51:20AM +0200, Sebastien Vauban wrote:
> The other solution that I'd see would be using Emacs' own bug tracker (the
> `org' package is already known to them), if that's possible. Anyway, having 
> the
> bugs in an Org file seems natural too!

I think this is a great idea.  A combination of an Org file (either
public or private) and the Emacs bug tracker with Org package tags
should be able to handle our needs.

I see only one potential problem, is there an easy way to subscribe to
only a specific package tag on the Emacs bug tracker?  I imagine most
contributors following Org bugs will not be interested in other Emacs


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