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[O] org-babel-lilypond basic mode: score size

From: renato
Subject: [O] org-babel-lilypond basic mode: score size
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 18:48:43 +0200

Hi, I just got some test lilypond snippets export nicely to latex, and
it's very nice to be able to mix normal text, with orgmode's formatting
ability, with music snippets. 

There's only one little annoyance I'm having: in the final pdf files,
I'd like the scores (notes, staffs - everything) to be bigger. As a
hack I can adjust the options of \includegraphics in the .tex file,
but first I'd like to be able to adjust such settings from the .org
file, and second I would prefer an "intelligent" zoom, not simply of
the .eps image, so that as the score gets bigger it gets split among
more lines, without going out of the paper boundaries. Maybe there's
some option I can put in the lilypond's source blocks to make its
output in bigger font? I don't know much of lilypond actually...


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