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[O] ODT export failed: wrong number of agruments

From: Matt Price
Subject: [O] ODT export failed: wrong number of agruments
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 20:36:52 -0400

lots of questions lately!  Sorry.

I am trying to export an org-file to odt after having created a
deck.js presentation from the same file.  Exports to html work fine,
and exports of other files to odt also seem to work.  With this
image-heavy org-file I'm having trouble.  Export fails thus:

LaTeX to MathML converter not available.
Formatting LaTeX using verbatim
Embedding /home/matt/NewOne/Images/oxfam_gobal_citizenship.jpg as
OpenDocument export failed: Wrong number of arguments: nil, 2

The relevant section of the org file is this:

* Global Citizenship?
:STEP:     1
#+CAPTION: Happy Children of the Global Village?
- What is Global Citizenship?
- Is it a concept worth supporting?
- What responsibilities does it entail?

Removing this image just generates the same error with the next image.

Any idea what's going on?  Could I be missing some kind of helper
appication or something?

I don't really need the images in the odt file.  Can I turn off inline
embedding of images in odt, just to make this problem go away?

Thanks a lot!!

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