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Re: [O] Customizing TOCs in Derived Exporters

From: Josiah Schwab
Subject: Re: [O] Customizing TOCs in Derived Exporters
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 15:53:37 -0700
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Rasmus writes:

> Josiah Schwab <address@hidden> writes:

>> Independent of the confusion it caused me while trying to figure out how
>> things work, it seems strange that the ox-md exporter generates a
>> non-markdown TOC using org-html-toc.  But I will leave that for those
>> who really use the markdown exporter, which is neither you or me.
> Is there a vanilla-markdown TOC-keyword?  My understanding is that
> markdown always understand plain html, whence the html-toc is
> reusable.  If there is exists a vanilla-markdown TOC perhaps it should
> be used.

It sounds likely this is simply a confusion about the markdown
specification on my end then.


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