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[O] Spaces in HTML export

From: Simon W. Jones
Subject: [O] Spaces in HTML export
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 18:37:30 +0100


A few days ago I raised a problem with HTML export I was having and was advised 
to upgrade to Orgmode 8.1. I have now done so but the problem persists. The 
problem significantly effects my workflow and I would be very grateful for a 

If I add a link in my document to an external website that has spaces in the 
URL, for example www.example.com/useful%20document.pdf, then export as HTML, 
the URL appears in the HTML output as www.example.com/useful%2520document.pdf. 
The link obviously then returns an error when one clicks on it.

Is there any way round this issue, can anyone else replicate the problem?

Many thanks,


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