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Re: [O] [PATCH] Added language support for et

From: mihkel
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] Added language support for et
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 15:45:43 +0300
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Hi Carsten and thanks for replying. I made suggested modifications and
here is v2:

From 3081cd92a2f5868d5c52e70d2eff4ecff95566d7 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: mihkel <address@hidden>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 15:33:54 +0300
Subject: [PATCH] Added proper language support for et (Estonian)

 lisp/ox.el | 14 ++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+)

diff --git a/lisp/ox.el b/lisp/ox.el
index 07239a0..10354b2 100644
--- a/lisp/ox.el
+++ b/lisp/ox.el
@@ -5218,6 +5218,7 @@ them."
      ("de" :default "Autor")
      ("eo" :html "A&#365;toro")
      ("es" :default "Autor")
+     ("et" :default "Autor")
      ("fi" :html "Tekij&auml;")
      ("fr" :default "Auteur")
      ("hu" :default "Szerz&otilde;")
@@ -5241,6 +5242,7 @@ them."
      ("de" :default "Datum")
      ("eo" :default "Dato")
      ("es" :default "Fecha")
+     ("et" :html "Kuup&#228;ev" :utf-8 "Kuupäev")
      ("fi" :html "P&auml;iv&auml;m&auml;&auml;r&auml;")
      ("hu" :html "D&aacute;tum")
      ("is" :default "Dagsetning")
@@ -5260,6 +5262,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "Ligning")
      ("de" :default "Gleichung")
      ("es" :html "Ecuaci&oacute;n" :default "Ecuación")
+     ("et" :html "V&#245;rrand" :utf-8 "Võrrand")
      ("fr" :ascii "Equation" :default "Équation")
      ("no" :default "Ligning")
      ("nb" :default "Ligning")
@@ -5270,6 +5273,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "Figur")
      ("de" :default "Abbildung")
      ("es" :default "Figura")
+     ("et" :default "Joonis")
      ("ja" :html "&#22259;" :utf-8 "図")
      ("no" :default "Illustrasjon")
      ("nb" :default "Illustrasjon")
@@ -5280,6 +5284,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "Figur %d")
      ("de" :default "Abbildung %d:")
      ("es" :default "Figura %d:")
+     ("et" :default "Joonis %d:")
      ("fr" :default "Figure %d :" :html "Figure&nbsp;%d&nbsp;:")
      ("ja" :html "&#22259;%d: " :utf-8 "図%d: ")
      ("no" :default "Illustrasjon %d")
@@ -5294,6 +5299,7 @@ them."
      ("de" :html "Fu&szlig;noten" :default "Fußnoten")
      ("eo" :default "Piednotoj")
      ("es" :html "Nota al pie de p&aacute;gina" :default "Nota al pie de 
+     ("et" :html "Allm&#228;rkused" :utf-8 "Allmärkused")
      ("fi" :default "Alaviitteet")
      ("fr" :default "Notes de bas de page")
      ("hu" :html "L&aacute;bjegyzet")
@@ -5315,6 +5321,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "Programmer")
      ("de" :default "Programmauflistungsverzeichnis")
      ("es" :default "Indice de Listados de programas")
+     ("et" :default "Loendite nimekiri")
      ("fr" :default "Liste des programmes")
      ("no" :default "Dataprogrammer")
      ("nb" :default "Dataprogrammer")
@@ -5323,6 +5330,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "Tabeller")
      ("de" :default "Tabellenverzeichnis")
      ("es" :default "Indice de tablas")
+     ("et" :default "Tabelite nimekiri")
      ("fr" :default "Liste des tableaux")
      ("no" :default "Tabeller")
      ("nb" :default "Tabeller")
@@ -5333,6 +5341,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "Program %d")
      ("de" :default "Programmlisting %d")
      ("es" :default "Listado de programa %d")
+     ("et" :default "Loend %d")
      ("fr" :default "Programme %d :" :html "Programme&nbsp;%d&nbsp;:")
      ("no" :default "Dataprogram")
      ("nb" :default "Dataprogram")
@@ -5341,11 +5350,13 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "jævnfør afsnit %s")
      ("de" :default "siehe Abschnitt %s")
      ("es" :default "vea seccion %s")
+     ("et" :html "Vaata peat&#252;kki %s" :utf-8 "Vaata peatükki %s")
      ("fr" :default "cf. section %s")
      ("zh-CN" :html "&#21442;&#35265;&#31532;%d&#33410;" :utf-8 "参见第%s节"))
      ("de" :default "Tabelle")
      ("es" :default "Tabla")
+     ("et" :default "Tabel")
      ("fr" :default "Tableau")
      ("ja" :html "&#34920;" :utf-8 "表")
      ("zh-CN" :html "&#34920;" :utf-8 "表"))
@@ -5353,6 +5364,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "Tabel %d")
      ("de" :default "Tabelle %d")
      ("es" :default "Tabla %d")
+     ("et" :default "Tabel %d")
      ("fr" :default "Tableau %d :")
      ("ja" :html "&#34920;%d:" :utf-8 "表%d:")
      ("no" :default "Tabell %d")
@@ -5367,6 +5379,7 @@ them."
      ("de" :default "Inhaltsverzeichnis")
      ("eo" :default "Enhavo")
      ("es" :html "&Iacute;ndice")
+     ("et" :default "Sisukord")
      ("fi" :html "Sis&auml;llysluettelo")
      ("fr" :ascii "Sommaire" :default "Table des matières")
      ("hu" :html "Tartalomjegyz&eacute;k")
@@ -5388,6 +5401,7 @@ them."
      ("da" :default "ukendt reference")
      ("de" :default "Unbekannter Verweis")
      ("es" :default "referencia desconocida")
+     ("et" :default "Tundmatu viide")
      ("fr" :ascii "Destination inconnue" :default "Référence inconnue")
      ("zh-CN" :html "&#26410;&#30693;&#24341;&#29992;" :utf-8 "未知引用")))
   "Dictionary for export engine.

Mihkel Vain

Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Mihkel,
> thank you for the patch.  It is in principle already too long for a
> contributor without signed papers, but I am going to interpret it as
> "just" a translation table.
> If you look at how other languages are done - people have used HTML
> entities like &#1072; in order to be independent of the charset of the
> file.  Could you please resubmit and change the parts where you have
> Umlaute like ü and specify those with separate HTML and uhf8 settings?
> Thank you!
> - Carsten

Mihkel Vain

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