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Re: [O] [PATCH] Recenter around #+begin_src when moving to previous/next

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] Recenter around #+begin_src when moving to previous/next code block
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 06:06:29 +0200

On 15.9.2013, at 21:06, Sebastien Vauban <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Carsten,
> Carsten Dominik wrote:
>>> When moving with C-c C-v C-n (or p) from one code block to the next (or
>>> previous), it's much better if the code block gets centered (vs hidden,
>>> forcing the user to scroll down, as it currently is).
>>> This is the purpose of this easy patch.
>> I don't think this patch is the right thing - is feels different from
>> standard Emacs behavior.
> I'm not sure to understand which Emacs behavior we would deviate from?  This
> is a jump, and it'd be better located at a readable place. Without it, you're
> forced to follow 90% of your jumps by a `C-l'...
> And isn't it very similar to the patch I sent earlier this week regarding the
> recenter after the jump with `C-c C-x C-j'?  I'd more easily understand that
> both are either accepted or rejected, but not a mixed case.

I think the difference is the following:

org-clock-goto is a jump to a specific location and can be
expected to be far away, so it is OK to recenter the screen.
org-babel-next-src-block is more like forward paragraph, or
like a forward search.  It is possible that there are several
src blocks on a page.  Only moving the window content when
necessary gives a better sense of space and location.  This is
why such commands in Emacs only scroll when the target position
is off screen.


- Carsten

> Anyway, I'm not bothered if it's not in Org, I can simply defadvice the
> functions (the `after' case). So I respect your decision, even if it puzzles
> me: it's just that having to manually recenter after almost all jumps do not
> feel like a right behavior of Org to me, for the beginners who can't make such
> defadvice on their own.
> Best regards,
>  Seb
> -- 
> Sebastien Vauban

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