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[O] One more question about org-element parse-tree

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: [O] One more question about org-element parse-tree
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 13:14:07 +0200
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Hi List, Hi Nicolas,

I (still) have a question about the parser and the yielded parse-tree:

- Circular List :: used for

   - headline hierarchies (:parent attribute)
   - plain-lists/items (:structure attribute)
   - :CATEGORY attribute
   - [somewhere else too??]

   w.r.t. the :CATEGORY attribute:

   Is this :CATEGORY attribute special somehow? When it is not set explicitly,
                   it seems to be set automatically as non-directory part of
                   the org-file name (sans-extension) in the first first-level
                   headline and then referenced (via the circular list
                   mechanism) in the other first-level headlines.

   Are there other cases like this where attribute values are tagged and

PS 1 [BUG?]

I use outorg to write my emails in full Org-mode, and the strange
indentation you see above results from applying `fill-region' on
paragraphs (that are part of a list item) while writing this post. Bug
or wrong use? Org Version too old?

(Org-mode version 8.0.6 (release_8.0.6-341-g338603)

PS 2

BTW, does a MWE org-file exist that contains _all_ syntactical elements
of Org-mode and thus serves as a test-file for all cases?


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