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Re: [O] Remove Org and Tbl from menubar for derived mode

From: Christian Wittern
Subject: Re: [O] Remove Org and Tbl from menubar for derived mode
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 08:36:47 +0900
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On 2013-09-13 22:09, Thorsten Jolitz wrote:
9 matches for "easy-menu" in buffer: org.el
|    5312:        (easy-menu-remove outline-mode-menu-heading)
|    5313:        (easy-menu-remove outline-mode-menu-show)
|    5314:        (easy-menu-remove outline-mode-menu-hide))
Yeah, I have seen that.  The problem is the way easy-menu-remove is defined:

easy-menu-remove is an alias for `ignore' in `easymenu.el'.

And the docstring explains:
Remove MENU from the current menu bar.
Contrary to XEmacs, this is a nop on Emacs since menus are automatically
(de)activated when the corresponding keymap is (de)activated.

In addition to that, it seems that this is not removing the top-level menu, but some of the sub-menu entries (... if I understand this correctly...).

And, as Carsten reminded me, what I do *not* want to do is de-activate org-mode's keymap:-)

So still wondering...


Christian Wittern, Kyoto

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