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[O] LaTeX export: images subplots

From: Martin Leduc
Subject: [O] LaTeX export: images subplots
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 01:56:34 +0000

Hi all,
  I am using org-mode to write a report with several figures. I would like to group some images into a same figure, let say a 2x2 panel. I know that I can directly embed latex code in my org file, for example by using the subfloats (from the latex subfig package).

However, I would prefer to use an org-based solution of inserting the image links in order to keep the convenient way of previewing images right into the buffer with C-c C-x C-v.

The only solution I found is by using tables such as:

#+CAPTION: Insert caption here.
#+ATTR_LATEX: :align p{0.5\textwidth}p{0.5\textwidth}
| [[pathtoimage]] | [[pathtoimage]] |
| [[pathtoimage]] | [[pathtoimage]] |

where the size of the images is controled by p{} and C-cxv is working. However, in the exported TeX file, it is a table, not a figure. Is there a cleaner way to make image panels that would preserve the figure environment in the exported TeX file ?

Thanks a lot,

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