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[O] Index of cases -- Revisited

From: Alan L Tyree
Subject: [O] Index of cases -- Revisited
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2013 17:38:00 +1000
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Some clarification:

I realise that my aim wasn't clearly stated:

I am concerned with the write -> send to editor -> rewrite -> send to editor cycle. When the editor and I are in agreement with everything, convert to Word and send to publisher.

I can get an editor to agree to "plain" text. What I am afraid of is that LaTeX will scare the socks off an editor who is accustomed to editing legal submissions.

I am hoping to construct something that will be as "plain" as possible in the manuscript, then take care of other requirement (Table of cases, etc) by some other means.

"Plain" org mode seems to me to be a good choice for the manuscript. Now trying to figure out how to add the other requirements without cluttering the manuscript.

Thanks for listening, and just tell me if I am too far OT.


Alan L Tyree                    http://www2.austlii.edu.au/~alan
Tel:  04 2748 6206              sip:address@hidden

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