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[O] variable line-spacing in plain lists?

From: Poile, Christopher
Subject: [O] variable line-spacing in plain lists?
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2013 22:42:18 +0000

Hello all,
This may be an odd request, but is it possible to make org (or emacs) increase 
the spacing slightly (a couple pixels) above each item in a plain-list? In the 
case of a wrapped line only the first line of that list item would have the 
extra spacing above it.  For ex:

- First item                                     | <-- margin ends here
  + Second Item                                  |
    - Third item, and this one is a wrapped line | <-- with visual line wrap
      with the line continuing onto the next line| 
      and then a third line. Only three lines    |
      would have spaces above them: the lines    |
      starting with "First" "Second" and "Third" |
      all other lines of this paragraph would be |
      spaced with the default line-spacing.

Thanks for the help,

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