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[O] org-timer-set-timer org-notify message and sound arguments

From: Devin Homan
Subject: [O] org-timer-set-timer org-notify message and sound arguments
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2013 23:10:06 -0800
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The current implementation of org-timer-set-timer calls org-notify with
the PLAY-SOUND argument set to 't', which gets passed to
org-clock-play-sound that then in turn calls the beep function. The
value of this argument should be defined in a defvar so as to allow the
user to modify or dynamically set its value. Additionally, a similar
behaviour should be allowed for the message by having the first cond
case, in the cond that sets hl, return the value of a defvar should that
defvar be a string type.



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